Election Rules
Posted Sep 27, 2016

Section 1. Election and Term of Office. The BOD shall be elected at the annual meeting. Each BOD Member shall serve a term of 2 year(s), or until a successor has been qualified and elected.

Section 2. Appointment of Nominating Committee. The nominating committee will be appointment on a temporary basis 60 days prior to the annual meeting; to create a slate of qualified candidates for the BOD positions whose terms are to expire or are vacant, and its slate of candidates shall be included with the notice of the annual meeting. Following the report of the nominating committee at the meeting, any BOD or Member of the organization may nominate other candidates for the available BOD position, provided that the nominees agree to serve if elected. At the conclusion of nominations all members will vote by live vote, emails or Text determined by the BOD.  All nominations for board positions cannot have any criminal background in order to become eligible to be nominated based on IYA's Background eligibility rules!  All nominees will be required to register for a 50 State Background Check before nominated.

Section 3. Elections. All Elections will be held the second (2nd) Sunday of December of each year.  

Section 4. Candidate Introductions. Will be held at the last Community Banquet of the year if applicable or through email introduction through our system.

Section 5. Election Methods. Elections can be administered in one of three ways.  It can be administered live at a location TBD annually, website based elections through software or by email.  All elections will be held in no longer than a 4 hour session.  

Section 4. Organizational Meeting of trust. The BOD shall meet immediately after the election for the purpose of electing its new officers, appointing new committee chairpersons and for transacting such other business as may be deemed appropriate.